Free Accounting Software From Experienced Bookkeeping Outsourcing Firm

We, the accounting experts at VABS provide bookkeeping solutions to small and medium-sized businesses by enhancing your business with specialized services.

We handle your routine business transactions and accounting needs. Our clients receive daily, weekly, monthly, and annual bookkeeping updates based on their specific business needs.

In addition, we handle your accounts payable, invoices, bank reconciliation, cash flows, accounts receivable, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial statements. In addition, we review the account and statements periodically to ensure proper bookkeeping.

The Right Virtual or Outsourced Bookkeeping Solution Saves you Hours of Bookkeeping Time a Month.

Virtual Bookkeepers Save you Money Because they are Generally Less Expensive than Hiring an in-house Accounting Team, but Only if you Find the Right one for your Specific Needs. Before Hiring a Bookkeeping Service, You Should ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • Does the virtual bookkeeping service sync with my preferred accounting software?
  • How much money can I afford to spend on bookkeeping each month?
  • Does my business use cash or accrual accounting?
  • Am I looking just for bookkeeping services like financial reporting?
  • do I want additional services, like tax filing services, payroll runs, and HR advice?


VABS provides an accounting system with initial software installation and configuration.

Financial Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain, Production Management, Reporting & BI Management, and our Accounting and Bookkeeping services are available in all of the United Arab Emirates.


You can’t plan for your business’s future unless you walk thoughtfully. Our advisors will handle your past, present, and future finances.

Our expertise will always achieve your financial vision. A change in tax and accounting laws requires new financial and tax measures. Therefore, we help you take advantage of tax law benefits and advise you on reducing your tax burden.


  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Accounts Payable Service
  • Making Bank Reconciliations
  • Customized business report and Periodic Review
  • Handling Individual customer accounts and more.
  • Preparation of balance sheet
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Management
  • Recording Journal accounts
  • Managing cash and other subsidiary books
  • Customized business report and Periodic Review


  • Cutting down the business cost
  • Better quality control
  • Better customer relationship
  • Greater business reputation
  • No late fees, penalties
  • A quality improvement in managing business
  • Increased productivity and managerial efficiency
  • Access to advanced infrastructure and technology
  • Timely expert services of a pool of professionals


  • Internal accounts policies & regulations restructuring.
  • Feasibility studies & all financial advanced studies.
  • Sales target preparation & analyses.
  • Training beginner accountants
  • Establishing financial policies
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Breakeven point analysis
  • ABC Costing