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VABS project management software is an integrated solution for all your project management needs, from project initiation and planning to execution and closing.

OPM software helps you to move on a single platform among various project factors, like; timeline, budget, documents, stakeholders, risks, assumptions, communication planning, invoices, reports, and much more

  • Saves Money/ Increases profitability
  • Risk Management
  • Management of Milestones
  • Cost Management
  • Task Management
  • Constraints and Assumptions Management
  • Processes Automation
  • GANT Chart & WBS Chart

Our OPMS gives the top management a clear vision of the status of the projects within the company and provides further details in terms of progress, percentage of delay, possible risk, issues, communication planning, and records of stakeholders, which will positively impact the overall performance and strategic goals of the company.


Improves Communication Between Team Members

It helps coordination between project team members, even if they work from different locations at different times.

One Location For All Files And Documents

Supports saving and organizing files/documents, and this is a very important feature as most projects nowadays use a large number of files and documents that need to be updated and amended all the time during the project implementation phase.

Management Of Milestones

VABS software lets you determine the milestones’ start and end dates while linking them with the project outcomes.


Strengthening Transparency And Accountability

All project managers will be held accountable as all assigned tasks are straightforward and can be monitored by the project management office in case of delays.

Saves Money/ Increases Profitability

Using our software will improve productivity by reducing the wasted time of project team members, which can be translated into more project completion, money saving, and increased profitability.

Risk Management

VABS software can record, track and notify project managers about risks through automated notifications so that proper preventive action is taken at the right time to eliminate the possibility of turning threats into real problems.

Tracks All Issues Related To The Project

Tracks progress achieved in each task of the project, as project managers can provide immediate updates about completed work, and this will help effectively in time management, and also will help in estimating the time needed to complete current and future projects. With this feature, missing milestones will be avoided and wasted time will be reduced


Cost Management

One of the essential features of VABS software is the ability to monitor any cost-exceeding process and compare the initial budget plan with actual expenses to track and avoid loss.


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